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Why Michel Roux is wrong about people taking photos of his food

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 9th November 2017

Michael Roux in some act of defiance against the modern convention has banned pictures of his kitchen creations from being taken.

Guests at The Waterside Inn, Bray, have been asked to refrain from taking photos of their dishes, with a sign explicitly telling guests to stop taking pictures of their food.

Well it’s not cricket is it Mr Roux?

Luckily, more forward thinking, dare we say ‘modern’ chefs such as one Gordon Ramsay have lept to the defence of the foodie Instagrammer.

He tweeted: ‘How bloody pompous! It’s a compliment to the chef the fact that customers want to take a picture of dishes they’ve paid for, it’s 2017.’

So far, so on the money from the Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare’s chef, but even better still, diners have flat out ignored the requests of the ageing culinary creationist.

A quick search on Instagram and you’ll find hundreds of mouthwatering images from the exclusive eatery.

At £167.50 for a six-course tasting menu, we think diners should be able to take pictures of just about anything they like!

The Waterside Inn #croquettes

A post shared by Pink&Green (@pinkandgreenfoodblog) on

Whilst we would love to be a little more scathing, the pictures of the dishes from this three Michelin starred kitchen clearly don’t do the food justice.

I mean just look at the Venison Wellington below…

Venison Wellington at The Waterside Inn #bray #berkshire #threemichelinstars #michelin #restaurant

A post shared by Ben McCormack (@mrbenmccormack) on

Although in one final twist of irony, it turns out that the Michelin Guide are culprits in the picture-taking fiasco.

As pointed out by Gordon Ramsay himself, if the very people that awarded the accolades to The Waterside Inn are committing the so-called ‘crime’, then how can you expect diners to follow suit?

Mr Roux should probably count himself lucky that people are still willing to come and take pictures of the restaurant’s food at all.

Plus, it’s completely free marketing for the business! Something you literally cannot buy!

But in some ways it does pose the question if you don’t take a picture of a food, did you even really eat there?…