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Mincing around

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 26th March 2013


Maybe you’ve been put off by the UK’s recent horsemeat scandal, or you simply want to enjoy going back to basics in the kitchen, making your own mince is great fun and returns a fantastic quality product.

The easiest way to start is by buying a mincing machine.

There are cheaper manual meat grinders and more expensive electric options available, in addition to mincer attachments for your food processor.

Electric mincers are definitely easier than the manual types but it’s a messy process however you achieve it.

At a push you can mince meat with a food processor itself or a knife but the texture will be slightly different to how we usually expect minced to look.

The real bonus for most people is likely to be that as you choose your own meat to start with, you know exactly what you are getting and it is likely to be higher quality than the mince you get at the supermarket.

You can make mince blending different meats, such as beef, pork and lamb.

For beef mince you can buy premium steak for a very high quality product but you can get away with something a little cheaper, such as flank steak, topside or silver cut.

The end result for mince is the same as for the original meat in terms of fat content versus salt, water or protein content.

Cheaper cuts are certainly flavoursome but less healthy than premium.

Talk to your local butcher for recommendations and to work out the best price versus quality ratio.