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Category: Catering Equipment

Food as fuel

Author David
Posted On 10th June 2013


Where our ancestors ate to survive, we eat for pleasure.

Aside from a few medical conditions or physically demanding jobs such as building, there are few situations these days when people genuinely need to increase their calorie intake.

However one such group is athletes, whether at professional level or amateur marathon runners.

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Anyone for a cronut?

Author David
Posted On 7th June 2013


The ubiquitous cupcake has yet another contender for its crown.

A new hybrid sweet treat is taking New York by storm, named the cronut to reflect its mixed croissant/donut origins.

An initial batch of 50 was offered for sale to customers of a chic, modern Manhattan patisserie only a week ago.

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Food from a container garden

Author David
Posted On 4th June 2013


There’s nothing like the taste of home-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs but not everyone has the luxury of a large garden or access to an allotment.

However home-grown food is still achievable for those with the smallest garden, patio or even an apartment balcony.

The key is to choose foods that grow vertically.

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