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Beat the heat with a refreshing Slush Machine

Author Aidan
Posted On 23rd July 2019

Slush Drink

As temperatures start approaching heights of over 30 degrees Celsius this week in parts of the UK, it can be hard to stay cool – we’re just not used to the hot weather here!

Forecasters are saying there’s a “40% chance” that the UK could see its hottest ever recorded temperature this week, which would be exceeding the 38.5C temperature logged in Faversham in August 2003.

With July well underway and August fast approaching, there’s plenty of hot summers days to cool down with a delicious iced slush.

What’s your flavour(s)?

You can decide how many different flavours you’d like to offer with our range of Slush Machines available with 1, 2 or 3 bowls. Each can store a different flavour; giving you multiple options for your customers to choose from. Some customers even like mixing and matching different colours and flavours together.

Slush Machine Sizes

Slush machines keep the mixture at freezing temperatures, but keep stirring the mixture constantly, preventing it from freezing solid. When dispensed, the drink is a smooth, ice cold concoction which slowly melts, giving the customer plenty of time to enjoy it.

Slush drinks are also a great impulse buy; The sight of the counter-top machine with its bright coloured mixtures is eye-catching and appealing to customers, being a highly visible and vibrant product.

Alcoholic/Adult Slush Drinks

There’s also the option for expanding into adult-only slush drinks, with the addition of spirits or liqueurs, giving the slush drinks a whole new set of flavours and essentially creating new additional products. This may take some experimenting, as too much alcohol could quickly thaw the semi-frozen mixture. Imagine ordering a frozen Margarita or Pina Colada on a day like this!

Also to Consider

Cups and Sizes – It’s worth thinking about which size options you’d like to offer. Perhaps a small, kids sized cup, and a larger adult sized cup might work for your application. We have a range of plastic cups, lids and straws that are ideal for serving this type of product.

Cleaning Procedures – We recommend regularly cleaning your machine, ensuring the drip trays are empty and clean, as well as the taps the slush is dispensed from. It’s also a good idea to drain and clean your machine internally on a regular basis.

Flavours – There’s a huge amount of flavours available, giving you the creativity to choose flavour options that suit your customers and tastes.

We have a range of slush machines to choose from, including machines from Interlevin, Magrini, Valera and Blue Ice. Click here to view our range.