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Eat the Seasons

Author David
Posted On 22nd October 2012


Eating seasonal produce is trendy these days because it’s environmentally friendly.

Local food which doesn’t have to travel far leaves a lower carbon footprint than tropical fruits and vegetables which need to be imported from exotic locations.

Growing according to nature’s cycles uses less energy than foods which require artificial light and heat.

For the same reasons local produce tends to be more economical than out of season offerings.

However there are a number of other good reasons to stay local.

Seasonal foods are fresher than those which have hung around in warehouses during transport, making them tastier and more nutritious.

Eating seasonally isn’t about denial, it’s about being imaginative with meal planning and enjoying higher quality produce.

Britain may not grow all the fruits and vegetables we want to use, but it’s very simple to look at the label when you’re buying

Oranges, peaches, kiwis and bananas coming from Spain or Italy have obviously travelled shorter distances than those from Africa or South America.

Eating seasonally is also important for supporting the local economy.

With high streets looking pitiful as local tradesmen close in favour of out of town hypermarkets, often we have no idea where our food is coming from.

However, farmers’ markets are becoming more and more popular as people become aware of the quality of locally rather than mass produced fruits, vegetables and even meats.

Many of us are already doing it without realising, using pumpkins for Halloween the shells make beautiful decorations and the flesh is great in soups, pies, roasting and baking.

Think about extending the philosophy throughout the year.