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The French restaurant that only serves British food

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 9th April 2018

Haute cuisine is more often than not a one way export from mainland France to our direction here in Britain.

We’ve got a bad reputation worldwide for the quality of our food, wrongly we should add, but our reputation definitely proceeds us.

But in a minor victory against our centuries-old continental neighbour, Paris has it’s very own bastion of British grub.

L’Entent, Le British Brasserie in the French capital allows Parisians (and tourists) the chance to order a full English breakfast, a classic Scotch egg or even steak and chips!

For dessert, you can even order a custard tart with stewed Rhubarb – which unfortunately isn’t from the famous Rhubarb Triangle.

The major caveat is that all of these British delicacies are created using French ingredients – cheese and the Scottish salmon being the only exceptions to this rule.

The restaurant is owned by an Englishman, Oliver Woodhead, who has lived and worked in Paris for a number of years.

L’Entente describes themselves on their own website as: “Liberally inspired by Traditional British Cuisine, but focused entirely on French Terroir Produce,
except the cheese… ”

By all accounts, the French public love the food on offer, maybe Mr Woodhead has started a revolution of classic British grub that will spread around France at an alarming rate…or maybe not.

I personally can’t see the greasy spoon or ‘chippy’ taking off on the continent in quite the same way it has over here.

Either way, we’re conquering France at something yet again. They should probably give up and bow down to our superior culinary skills.