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Category: Catering Equipment

Mincing around

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 26th March 2013


Maybe you’ve been put off by the UK’s recent horsemeat scandal, or you simply want to enjoy going back to basics in the kitchen, making your own mince is great fun and returns a fantastic quality product.

The easiest way to start is by buying a mincing machine.

There are cheaper manual meat grinders and more expensive electric options available, in addition to mincer attachments for your food processor.

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Basic Chicken Curry

Author David
Posted On 25th March 2013

chicken curry

Although the long ingredient list looks daunting, this dish is actually very quick and simple to make and bursting with flavour.

To serve six:

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Safety First: Food Storage & Hygiene

Author David
Posted On 15th March 2013


In both professional and domestic kitchens, storing and preparing food in a hygienic way will not only ensure it remains as nutritious and flavoursome as possible but also reduces the risk of food poisoning.

Most food safety is common sense:

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling any food and also between dealing with different kinds of food, particularly raw meats.

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Warm, strong and dark

Author David
Posted On 13th March 2013


There was a time when coffee was ordered black or white, with sugar or without.

Since the major coffee chains took up residence on every street corner, coffee has become a lot more complicated   one chain boasts over 87,000 different ways to drink its coffee.

So where do you start?

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Adventures in Marmalade

Author David
Posted On 11th March 2013


This bitter-sweet preserve is useful for a lot more than spreading on toast!

Use the winter’s Seville oranges to make some marmalade and then use it in baking.

Don’t get too stressed about setting properly or sugar to fruit to pectin ratios, concentrate instead on a rich, tart flavour.

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Eggy Bread

Author David
Posted On 8th March 2013

eggy bread

Eggy bread, otherwise known as French toast, is one of the simplest and most unsophisticated yet comforting breakfasts imaginable.

It also makes a great afternoon snack.

The basic concept is a slice of bread, soaked in beaten egg and fried, but the dish can be eaten savoury or sweet and personalised in many ways.

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Breakfast like a King

Author David
Posted On 6th March 2013

As the saying reminds us, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Take a look at the breakfast habits of various well-known figures from fiction and history.

Winston Churchill

He was famously a big man and this may be the reason why.

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Food and wine

Author David
Posted On 4th March 2013


Everyone knows the basic rule of pairing a wine with your food: white with fish, red with meat.

However with increasingly sophisticated and exotic foods becoming commonplace, that rule starts to look a little bit old-fashioned.

While the basic guideline works well as a framework, try to consider the flavours and textures of the meal.

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Haggis – A Potted History

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 1st March 2013


While the very name evokes toe curling in some, devotees of haggis extol its virtues as Robert Burns’ “great chieftain o’ the pudding race!”

It is the Scottish national dish, commonly served with ‘neeps and tatties’, or boiled and mashed turnip and potato.

Along with a dram of whisky, it forms the famous Burns Supper.

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