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Category: Feature

Get the Christmas look

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 30th September 2014

Red Christmas BerriesAs Noddy Holder once famously bellowed at the start of Slade’s seminal festive hit, “It’s Christmas!”

The snow might not yet be in the air but if you look close enough you can see that Christmas is gradually creeping up on us and it is therefore time to start planning for that December rush when families and parties all get together and dine out.

We know that the weeks, if not months, around Christmas is an exceptionally busy and lucrative time of the year.

So in order to help you out we have put together a number of useful tips on how to create that perfect atmosphere in your establishment.

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Finnair flies with cooking oil

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 29th September 2014

Cooking oilOver the years we have heard of numerous innovative people and enterprises that plan to use waste cooking oil as a form of biofuel to power a variety of things. The idea certainly isn’t new but it is always a topic that gets a nod of approval from those stationed here at CS Catering headquarters

And one such endeavour by Finnair, Finland’s largest airline, has been making the news recently.

The Scandinavian carrier used a mix of recycled cooking oil alongside more traditional jet fuel to create a hybrid biofuel and then used that to fly from Helsinki to New York.

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Seattle ushers in new food waste laws

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 24th September 2014

Seattle's SkylineWhat do you do with your food waste?

We’ve heard of an ingenious solution that has be trialled up in Scotland, but leftovers still remain an issue for many customers and establishments alike. And then there’s always the problem about what to do about your domestic surplus.

It is safe to say that food waste is most certainly on everybody’s agenda at the moment – so it should be, given that in 2011 the United Nation’s food agency claimed that nearly a third of the world’s food gets skipped.

Seattle City Council voted on a new piece of legislation earlier on this week that they hope will reduce the amount of compostable waste thrown away by households in their jurisdiction.

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National Waiting Day 2014

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 23rd September 2014

waiting-staff-unoThere are two important days this week that many establishments within the foodservice and catering industries will be celebrating. Tomorrow is Tax equality day – something which we’ve already mentioned on the blog – and then on Thursday those on the front line get their day in the sun as part of National Waiters Day 2014.

The day is designed to celebrate the vital front of house staff positioned across the entire hospitality sector; from waiters to mixologists, right through to baristas.

“The idea behind National Waiters Day is to bring a spotlight to the hospitality industry and showcase what a great range of exciting careers the [sector] has to offer,” Fred Sirieix, the coordinator of the event said.

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Blue Cheese & Spinach Chicken Roulade

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 23rd September 2014

Recipe-holderThere are certain foods that will always be linked to certain events or place. It might remind you of your parents, or indeed your grandparents cooking, a specific restaurant or venue, or even, perhaps, a monumental life-altering moment. Or the connotation may be a little bit more mundane, not that it matters.

When it comes to roulades however I find them extremely difficult to place. On one hand they’ve been on the kitchen table forever thanks to my parents, but I also remember eating one once as a child as part of a Sunday pub lunch somewhere. It is a “chicken or the egg” scenario that I’ve never solved, nor really had the temerity to enquire about.

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Baker in court after clash with a sausage roll machine

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 19th September 2014

Sausage-RollWe can sympathise with people who get frustrated at work (especially on Friday’s when the weekend is tantalisingly within reach) when things don’t go exactly to plan – and that can be doubled or even tripled if you’re working within the food service sector.

Tasked with making a large quantity of food in a finite time is a stressful task at the best of time, and when things go wrong we can understand why tensions may rise and tempers may flare from time to time.

But Scarborough Magistrates has recently been hearing about an employee who decided to attack a sausage roll machine with his head in a fit of rage.

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All a Twitter

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 18th September 2014

TwitterDid you know that the majority of negative tweets aimed at restaurants and other catering establishments are sent by users who are still on-site?

That is what Twitter’s own Elimear Lambe said at the Digital Innovation Forum yesterday.

Lambe also added that over half of users get information about restaurants via the social media platform and implored business owners and staff members should regularly check and update their feeds in a bid to nip potential problems in the bud and present themselves well.

“78% of those who leave a negative comment are still in the restaurant while doing so.

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Could Scotland get a boost?

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 17th September 2014

Saltire ScotlandThe people of Scotland go to the polls tomorrow to determine whether they want to become and independent nation or stay within the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is a momentous day for many reasons.

Come Friday morning when the result is known, what would a yes or no vote mean for the thriving Scottish foodservice and catering industries?

According to an article we’ve seen on on the internet recently, some consultancies and industry analysts are predicting that the sectors could be in line for a boost – if the ‘Yes’ movement wins.

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In with the new flavours of ice cream

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 16th September 2014

Ice CreamThe weather is set for a September renaissance this week, but sadly the longer term forecasts suggests that we are set for a traditional British autumn rather than a prolonged ‘Indian summer’. However that won’t stop us from talking about a true heatwave treat: Ice cream.

Did you know that we are beginning to shift away from the traditional Neapolitan flavours towards crazier varieties?

That is what an ice cream supplier found out in a recent survey.

Chefs, operators and restaurant owners were all asked about the dining habits of their clientele and over two-thirds of respondents said that new flavours such as grape and salter caramel were being gobbled up at the end of a meal.

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Tax equality day – 24th September

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 15th September 2014

financialsHave you got the 24th September written down in your diaries and importantly; are you lowering your prices on that day?

Many pubs and restaurants in the United Kingdom will be reducing the cost of their food and drink in an industry wide effort to highlight the benefits of slashing hospitality VAT.

15,000 venues have already signed up to take part in what has been dubbed ‘Tax Equality Day’, which has been masterminded and organised by the VAT Club.

During opening hours the participating establishments will cut their food and drink prices by 7.5%.

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