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Category: Food news

The Food Standards agency in Scotland is calling for action in a bid to cut obesity rates as they believe that portion control has been lost due to the ‘more-for-less’ culture.

Despite rising costs, we consumers are looking to stretch the pounds in our pocket for bigger meals and large portions sizes are top of the list.

Scotland’s food watchdog believes that calorie labelling, smaller portion sizes and better quality healthy alternatives should be available to everyone who dines out.

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This 3D printer can make pizza and doughnuts

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 9th March 2017


Space is the final frontier, but if we are ever to move off this dust bowl we call planet Earth, then we’ll need to take as many home comforts with us as we are able.

Luckily startup BeeHex has designed a Chef 3D printer that is capable of making pizza and doughnuts.

No freeze dried astronaut food for us!

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Are the Instagram generation to blame for our rising food waste?

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 13th February 2017


Research suggests that time-poor millennials are helping fuel the UK’s ever growing food waste mountain, claiming that those aged 18-34 do not understand the value of the food on their plate.

The study was conducted by UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, who found that more than half (55%) of 18 to 34-year-olds surveyed had a “live to eat” attitude to food – more about pleasure than need which leads to higher shopping bills and more food waste.

With an estimated 7m tonnes of household food waste produced each year by British households, attention has turned to our social attitudes to how and what we eat.

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Protein not carbs could be causing your food coma

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 18th January 2017


Carb loading can cause you to get sleepy, but wait, we’ve got more information and food advice that contradicts almost everything we have been taught or learnt.

This time we’re being told that it’s probably the protein in our diet that is causing our afternoon energy slump.

And here we were, thinking that a big bowl of carbohydrates was destroying our late afternoon energy levels.

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