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The nirvana of ‘the perfect chip’

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 19th February 2014

Nirvana of chips

Given that it takes only two ingredients to make a portion – those being potatoes and cooking oil – it can be incredibly hard to come up with a recipe for the perfect chip.

Actually, such a thing might not exist.

Even with just two elements, chips can vary: Chip shop chips are dissimilar in taste, appearance and texture to the French fry, and the current favourite, double, or even triple, cooked chips taste different too.

Spuds can be split down the middle with those falling on one side of the dividing line, like Maris Peer potatoes, being waxy, whilst the varieties in the other camp, such as King Edwards, have a more floury texture.

For the best results, we recommended opting for the crumbly type, though this really is an ‘each to their own’ type choice for the chef in question!

A quick peruse on Love Potatoes’ website showcases just how much choice there is when it comes to the potato – so if you are feeling a little adventurous, why not try making chips with each variety?

Then, there is the choice of oil.            

Heston Blumenthal – and who are we to disagree with him – endorses the use of groundnut oil, though beef, duck or goose fat is a popular alternative, whilst the most accessible option would be sunflower oil. All, in our opinion, produce taste-bud satisfying results.

Finally, there is the cooking process and as you might expect by now, there are a number of different methods!

You can cook them once, twice, or even thrice and again it is all a question of personal preference.

Triple cooking chips can take hours as methodologies state to place them for extended periods of time inside fridges or freezers between their trips into the fryer, whilst for those needing a quick turn-around time to serve their sliced and diced potatoes can opt for a single dip in the fryer, or utilise a double-cooking compromising of two temperatures.

We would, normally, offer a recipe or two, but given all the variables on offer (and we haven’t even touch accompaniments to chips such as chilli or garlic – yet) that it wouldn’t be fair. Simply put, only a book could contain all the formulae.

Have you got a particular favourite way of making chips? If so, share them with us!

For all your chip making needs, we have a number of free-standing and counter-top fryers available, including some on a limited time special offer.

photo: Dan Germain (Flickr), used under creative commons