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Three foods that boost energy

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 14th April 2014

Dark ChocolateSome foods can perk you up a little bit, meaning that if you cannot fit a little siesta into your daily schedule and are wanting to stay away from heavily caffeinated pick-me-ups like supersized lattes and neat espressos, then these bites can give you a little boost of energy.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate contains a number of useful compounds and is also a great source of a caffeine-style substance called theobromine. Working in tandem with flavanols, the combination releases a little jolt of energy that acts in a similar way to caffeine yet without the (potential) detrimental effects on vital organs.

Additionally, it is also a great source of magnesium and iron. But remember the darker the chocolate is the better, and don’t binge on it!


(Lean) beef

Packed with heme-iron – a form of iron that is ready to be quickly absorbed by the body – lean beef can help rebalance iron levels which, in turn, will help improve our cognitive function.

Studies have shown that 42% of UK-based teenagers and a third (33%) of 19-24 year-olds have low iron stores, and that problem is not confined to these isles as it is believed around 15% of American women also suffer from iron deficiency.

Being low on iron can sap energy levels, and lean been is full of it.

Other alternatives could be a healthy serving of green vegetables and a number of breakfast cereals.


Green tea

Pick either the caffeinated or decaffeinated variety, both with work – though it is useful to state there will be a double boost if the caffeinated version is consumed.

This brew contains many nutritional powerhouses that can help burn fat and other such healy benefits, but the one that really catches the eye is the presence of an amino acid called theanine.

Theanine plays an active role in optimising the chemistry of the brain and therefore can create a relaxed, yet focused state of mind, boosting creativity and productivity. And you don’t necessarily need the caffeinated blend to achieve this optimum level.