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Category: Catering Equipment

New range of Lincat Hot Cupboards

Author David
Posted On 28th May 2013

lincat hot cupboards

The new range of Lincat hot cupboards has already proven to be a hit with commercial catering businesses.

These hotcupboards come in a range of sizes – the 800 series has the capacity to hold between three and six of the 1/1GN containers (standard sized), whilst the second smaller 670 series can hold approximately five of these.

Lastly, there is the Light Duty serious, which is made up of four models which are static.

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Would Sir like ketchup with his cockroach?

Author David
Posted On 24th May 2013


The United Nations is encouraging people to eat insects such as ants and grasshoppers in order to combat growing food scarcities, malnutrition and to reduce pollution.

Apparently insects are an ideal nutritional solution to shortages of traditional food products for humans and animals.

Pointing out that up to two billion people already eat insects regularly, the UN also makes the argument that insects are an environmentally friendly food source.

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Herby crab cakes

Author David
Posted On 20th May 2013

crab cakes

May features culinary delights apart from asparagus, among them various seafoods and herbs.

This fresh, tasty recipe makes the most of both.

You can use tinned crab meat at a push but fresh is much better and easily available at the moment.

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Foster coldrooms

Author David
Posted On 17th May 2013


Foster coldrooms are ideal for owners of commercial catering establishments, who are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality or durability.

The Proline range comes in several different sizes to suit both large, medium and small kitchens, so whether you need a large coldroom for storing sizable quantities of food, or space is at a premium in your kitchen, you’ll find a Foster coldroom to suit.

This line of coldrooms comes with two temperature options; chiller and freezer and several different shelving options

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Asparagus season

Author David
Posted On 13th May 2013


May in the UK brings asparagus and there are plenty of ways to make the most of this versatile green.

You can serve asparagus very simply by cooking on a griddle over a high heat for about five minutes, until it is tender, then serving garnished with a little squeezed lemon juice and parmesan shavings.

Char grilled asparagus is made sophisticated wrapped in Parma ham and served with grilled halloumi and capers.

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Breakfast Pie

Author David
Posted On 10th May 2013


A great little pie either to take with you for breakfast on the move or for a leisurely Sunday brunch.

Ingredients to serve two:

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Spring has finally sprung

Author David
Posted On 7th May 2013


With the warmer weather and sunshine come some delicious new season ingredients.

In the UK May is a great time for Jersey Royal potatoes, delicious as a potato salad or served crushed, with butter, as an accompaniment to that other seasonal favourite, lamb and a crisp salad.

Salad ingredients really come into their own in May, with rocket, spinach and watercress all at their best.

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