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Is your business ready for summer?

Author Aidan
Posted On 22nd May 2019

Summer Offerings Banner

With the unpredictable British weather already starting to heat up, it’s a good time to start planning your summer offerings.

2019 is set to be a hot one, with the UK already experiencing the hottest Easter weekend on record – hitting 25 degrees – it was a scorcher!

Take advantage of the great weather and offer your customers the perfect accompaniment to relaxing summer days. There’s a whole host of options to choose from to get your customers taste buds tingling and your tills ringing!

  • Ice Cream

    Summer Blog Zeroll Scoops

    One of the best sweet treats to enjoy in hot weather, there’s various options for dispensing ice cream. From classic soft scoop ice cream display, to a display chest freezers of various sizes, ideal for displaying and selling pre-pack ice cream. It’s a delicious summer essential – everyone loves ice cream!

    We can also supply the necessary accessories, including ice cream cone stands, scoops, dippers and serving pots.

  • Barbecues

    Nothing can beat a good summer barbecue. Why not cater for your outdoor clientele by investing in a crowd-pleasing Barbecue offering as an addition to your standard menu. We have a range of options available to suit your needs, from traditional charcoal to high output LPG gas models.

    There’s also a range of BBQ accessories and utensils to help elevate your food offerings to a whole new level.

  • Slush

    Slush Machines Summer Catering Equipment

    The ultimate way to cool down on a hot day, a frozen slush drink is refreshing, cooling and delicious. Enjoyed year-round, but especially so during the hot summer months – they’re just too tempting!

    Alcoholic slush cocktails are also becoming more and more popular and can take the traditional slush to a new level. Boost sales by adding a couple of slush cocktails to your drink’s menu.

    There’s nothing better than a frozen Pina Colada or Margarita to cool off on a hot day!

    Slush machines are available in various capacities, with single, double and even triple bowl machines. This means you can offer multiple flavours at the same time, giving your customers extra choice.

  • Ice

    Ice can come in many forms. Standard ice cube machines that produce a variety of sizes and shapes are available, as well as units specifically designed to produce flaked or nugget ice.

    The traditional crescent or cubed shaped ice is perfect for adding to cold drinks; The cubes melt slowly and therefore don’t overly water-down drinks.

    Flaked or crushed ice is ideal for adding to sweet drinks or cocktails that are usually consumed quickly as it melts at a much faster rate. Flaked ice is also ideal for keeping food and drinks cool when on display; such as fresh meats or fish in a deli counter or bottled drinks in a display.

  • Blenders


    A commercial blender can give you the flexibility of creating a whole range of drinks for your customers. With one machine, you can offer milkshakes, frozen cocktails, smoothies or blended juices. With the right unit you can crush ice and blend chocolate bars to create fun milkshakes or cocktails as well as softer fruits, juices or ice creams.

    It’s your chance to get inventive and create your own special drinks options, with units available to suit all budgets.

  • Cold Drinks

    There’s not much that comes close to the level of refreshment you can get from a cold glass of fresh fruit juice. A cold drinks dispenser allows you to store and refrigerate fruit juice or squash in a visually appealing way.

    Quickly and easily dispense drinks or allow your customers to pour their own.

Are you ready for summer?

Tailor your summer offerings to suit your customers and products, giving them something new to try and get people talking. Take advantage of the weather with new flavours and ideas.